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CEPM Pvt. Ltd. provides a top rated site – pmGURUonline.com which follows a very user friendly mode of learning to teach the intricacies of project management and prepare users for IPMA's Level C/D certification and PMI®'s PMP® certification.

The site comprises of two main modules –Module-C/D for Level C/D preparation and Module-P for PMP® preparation.


Module-C/D prepares users for IPMA's Levels C/D which is a part of IPMA's 4 Level Certification (4LC). This is a very well recognized PM certificate and is administered in over 25 countries globally.

Module-C/D offers on-line training to prepare for Level C/D (IPMA-C/D in India). This module will be especially helpful to users from all the countries that are following the Level C/D syllabus prescribed by ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline) and India is one of the many countries that has adopted the syllabus and examination pattern of ICB for the Level C/D certification of IPMA. This certification accredited by IPMA under their 4LC certification scheme is administered in India by Project Management Associates – India's national association of PM professionals.

Module-C/D (Level-C/D preparation module) comprises of the following sections:

  • e-Learning - this has about 120 concepts that help the user understand the intricacies of project management. Each concept is followed by questions with answers to consolidate the user's understanding of the concept.

  • RIDL - Re Inforcement of knowledge through Discrete Learning. These are like flash cards and there are over 700 statements/queries with detailed explanations that cover the seven knowledge areas of APM Body of Knowledge. Each knowledge area has a set of 20 questions with answers to further test and consolidate learning.

  • Paper - I (Objective) - contains 150 objective, multiple choice questions of 2 different types.

  • Section 1- contains 140 questions where you need to select the most appropriate answer out of the 4 options given.

    Section 2- contains 10 questions where you have to select many correct options. On average, you will need to select 3 correct answers out of 12 possible options.

  • Paper - II (Subjective)– This paper requires essay type answers in the exam. pmGURUonline.com has devised a unique objective approach to tackle the Paper-II sample tests. There are more than 40 questions.

  • QUARE- This section further challenges and validated your understanding by asking you to answer objective questions under QUARE.
    If your answer is not right, pmGURUonline.com will fully describe the reasons why your answer is not right. This eliminates your need to refer to various reference books and papers. In case you gave the right answer, you can still check why the other options would have been wrong. This gives you an excellent base to build up your foundation of PM concepts.

  • Site Exam - this consisting of 30 objective (Paper-I) questions and 2 Numerical and Calculating type (Paper-II) questions.

  • User Information - very powerful and meaningful user information is available regarding all facets of your computer usage that covers usage by knowledge area, amount completed, scores obtained, daily/weekly/monthly usage etc.
For more details please visit us at www.pmGURUonline.com or mail us at info@pmGURUonline.com.

Demo can be downloaded by the following link:http://www.pmGURUonline.com/demo/demonet/DemoNetVer.zip

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